Friday, January 11, 2013

Quantum Physics, Spiritual - [Book Review]

"God Is Not Dead"
What Quantum Physics Tells Us About Our Origins And How We Should Live
by Amit Goswami PhD
© 2008 Hampton Roads

My Rating: ★★★★★

Book jacket

"God Is Not Dead is a fascinating guided tour of quantum physics, consciousness, and the existence and experience of God. University of Oregon physics professor Amit Goswami shows readers that God's existence can be found in clues that the science of quantum physics reveals.
Goswami helps readers to break through their materialistic conditioning, viewing reality as defined by Newtonian physics, to become free through a quantum understanding and experience of consciousness and God. In fact, God Is Not Dead argues for a quantum activism, leading a balanced life that incorporates both the quantum and material worlds and an experience of consciousness.

God Is Not Dead will change how readers think and experience the nature of reality, the existence of souls, the power of dreams, the universality of love, the possibility of ESP, and the very mind of God."

What I would like to add

This book should be both appealing to readers of the materialist scientific background (or conviction), as well as to the common Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and to readers who are interested in the metaphysical and in ancient spiritual traditions. The perspective of quantum physics to the question of God seems to be the only way in which we can both integrate the material & spiritual into our world view, without the two contradicting each other. If you aren't aware of the most fundamental implications of quantum physics, this book has the potential of changing and challenging your world view. Goswami displays, in a peaceable way, that within "new science", there is room for both physics and spiritualism. "Quantum Activist" Amit Goswami conclusively challenges us, the reader to become Quantum Activists ourselves in order to better the planet and to evolve society as a whole. The insight and acceptance of a true, universal creator alone, and the implications that come with it should be our starting point.

Not having read any previous books of the author (at least ten), it appears to be a well balanced "summary" of his work, as Goswami often gives reference to topics discussed in his previous books, as well as to the work of many other scientists and authors when discussing one of the many related topics. To prove the case of a universal Creator, the most complex problem to resolve in science, it is of course necessary to approach this from many different angles. With all it's different content, the book appears to be very well structured. Sometimes a little dry, however the author on some occasions shows to have great humor which will make you smile.

This book deals with the following topics

  • Science (materialism, history, etc.)
  • Quantum Physics (fundamentals, it's implications)
  • Biology (Darwin, evolution, genetics)
  • Philosophy
  • Religion (Christianity, Buddhism, various spiritual traditions from India, Japan)
  • Psychology [Social behavior, Dream Interpretation, Archetypes, etc. (Freud, Jung)]
  • ESP [Extrasensory perception (telepathy, etc.)]
  • NDE [near death experiences, prior to Eben Alexander's "Proof of Heaven" (2012)]
  • The inconsistencies of materialist science (fossil gaps in archeology, and many, many others)

Negative points I have to mention
  • Still a few typos
  • On one or two occasions Goswami's reference to a diagram on an earlier page isn't correct
  • As with many books from American publishers, even with the hardcover edition, the paper quality frankly is moderate

Bottom Line

Amit Goswami goes into the depth. He appears to have a vast knowledge on the topics he's writing about. Some technical descriptions and spiritual ideas aren't always easy to grasp for average Joe, but a reader who's interested in the topic shouldn't shy away from it. It's a colossal work; not in pages, but in content. It should provide the reader with much material for discussion, many things to further investigate (plenty of references), and with much to ponder on.

Interview with Dr. Goswami by KMVT Community TV