Saturday, January 19, 2013

Space [Planetary Anomalies]

Mars Anomalies

"Mars Statue" or "Mars Humanoid"

In January of 2008, NASA's Rover "Spirit" transmitted this highly interesting picture, along with hundreds of others back to Earth. The image was published in news magazines around the world and created quite a lot of fuzz. Rightfully so, in my opinion


 (wide shot) The object is located in the bottom left corner

NASA scientists seemed puzzled over the object themselves at first, but later spokesman Dwayne Brown would say that "It's a two-inch piece of rock eroded by the wind".
Is it really? In relation to the Rover the object actually appears to be very small, not really the size of a statue, but rather a figurine. The object in "walking motion" appears to have very distinct humanoid features, and in spite of it's small size looks very intriguing.

We can only speculate on NASA's (U.S. government agency) reasons for the dismissal of the importance of this find, but as we learned from the great work of many researchers and filmmakers, they've done it before. Who do you trust? The government, or your lying eyes?

more updates soon...