Wednesday, March 13, 2013


UFO, Mysterious Light Beam lifting Truck
Stuttgart, Germany 02-2013

Being German, living in the same state where these instances supposed to have taken place, I took it upon myself to do a little research into the matter.
And there are plenty of signs that lead me to be convinced this is a fraud. And not a very good one.

It appears that the two (or more) friends Christopher Zitterbart and Dominik Adam-Nikel thought it might be funny to do a video shoot of a different kind for once. Both are independent producers who work in advertising.


There are many things wrong with these videos, and I will point them out:

  • There are no TV channels like "PNC News" or "HPDM 9" to be found anywhere on the internet
  • The cam in the shot where the truck appears to be lifted doesn't show the 24 hour time format used in Germany (without exception)
  • Christopher Zitterbart doesn't appear to be anything but an award winning video producer in "creative producing" and advertising, according to his website
  • The "witness" Dominik Adam Nikel, which Zitterbart is interviewing on the highway does also appear to have ties to the production of commercials. I couldn't find a definite website of his, but the only links after searching his name that pop up show a single individual with that name living in Frankfurt, Germany. Others are registry inputs on certain pages (he's mentioned in the first passage) (click the search button top left screen) (The photo of him looks similar I think, at a younger age)
  • The language seen in the cam shot of the "HPDM 9" video shows English language
  • The "reporter" Andrea Krauss is certainly not original German. From her facial features she's probably Russian-German (who always have German surnames, historical reasons), or eastern European married to a German, but with this heavy accent and grammar errors, she would never be allowed on TV as a reporter, even if a station like "HPDM 9" would exist. And not even with a pretty face like hers.
  • Also there is literally nothing to be found on the web in any German paper. And I do know how to search ;)

So as an original German, living in the same state (Baden-W├╝rttemberg) where these things supposed to have taken place, I can assure You that this whole "broadcast" even feels and looks like a bad fraud. I have to commend Zitterbart on the effects in the truck video, though.
I'm not sure if this evidence is enough to convince all viewers/readers, but it's enough to convince me.

It's a sad thing that after so much real evidence for the existence of UFOs, some hoaxers still find it amusing to try to discredit the work of credible researchers of these phenomena.